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About Me

Hi, I'm Joshua Cintolo.

Web developer with a marketing background, based in Brighton. Experience in building web presence of corporate brands as well as building SEO.

Before finding my love for coding, I spent a year as a Marketing Operation Specialist at Paradigm4, Inc. I played alot with the marketing automation tool Marketo, did a lot of A/B testing and designed all the marketing campaigns. But this was also the first chance I had to explore the world of HTML and CSS.

Afterwards, I wholeheartedly pursued my newfound passion by coming to the UMass Boston Center for Digital Arts. It has been here that I have really immersed myself in HTML, CSS, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX and even a few other JavaScript libraries.

For me, I find enjoyment in coding because it allows to tell a story on a webpage. Coding perfectly fuses together the disciplines of both Marketing and Psychology.

When I am not coding I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music, jamming out on my guitar, watching a bunch of content on Netflix and storytelling biblical stories.


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